The wide world of media for content marketers

Media for content writers

The wide world of media for content marketers

Whether you’re new to the content writing scene or a seasoned pro, sometimes reading or listening to different resources can help you develop your writing skills. Everyone is a different type of learner so there’s no point in us telling you to what you need to read. In the digital age, you can access a variety of media, from news to podcasts to a good old-fashioned book. So, what are the best resources to help you elevate your offering?


A fantastic way to improve your writing is to pay attention to feedback. Whether this be off the client or editor, constructive criticism will show you exactly where you can change so that writing becomes second nature before you know it. Remember, nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes, what’s important is that you learn from them.

Listening goes hand in hand with experience - the more you have, the better. But if you’re just starting out, don’t panic. The more you write, the more you will develop your writing ability. You learn as you go and even the most senior of writers don’t go a day without learning a new tip or trick.


Producing blog after blog can sometimes feel effortless, but other times there’ll be an industry or theme that you struggle to work with. In these moments of stress and uncertainty, checking out industry news can be a big help. Google Trends and Content Marketing Institute are fantastic.


Not only are books amazing for developing your understanding of how to use language, and structure your writing, the content itself allows an insight into exactly how to do something, why you should do it, and the effect this has.

One of the most groundbreaking and well-known authors of content marketing books is Joe Pulizzi. He has written several books telling you how to maximise your content for bigger and better results. Everything from the content itself, to captivating audiences. His latest book about turning costs into profit is useful no matter what level you’re at; we can’t get enough of this guy!

This blog wouldn't be complete without mentioning ‘Everybody Writes’ by Ann Handley. We can’t say enough good things about this book. If you feel like there’s no point to content marketing in a world where text talk is on the rise and attention spans are decreasing - think again! Everybody Writes is a guide on how to write without losing feeling, empathy, and understanding for the reader.

Another notable mention is Social Selling Mastery by Jamie Shanks. One of our latest favourites helps you to look beyond the writing side of content marketing and learn how to connect with your customers in the digital world to make more sales and develop brand awareness.

However, if you prefer fiction, you should invest time into reading a novel or two. Fiction is a blessing for your creativity; you will develop your vocabulary tenfold while interjecting creativity into all your blogs!

Are you listening?

If you prefer to listen to something during your lunch, our podcast suggestions may be your winning ticket to creating out-of-this-world content. Podcasts as a media form have exploded massively in recent years.

Remember that guy Joe Pulizzi we mentioned? Well, he’s got a podcast. Seriously, this guy does everything. Content Inc is a 10-minute podcast for bite-sized lessons in content marketing.

If you’re after a podcast that’s a little longer, check out The Write Podcast. Stories, lessons, and strategies are in abundance and you’ll be hooked on the podcast before you know it! With a different speaker every time, there are plenty of lessons to be learned that will help you to write and sell better.

There is no excuse not to invest in content writing. You’ll love it! It’s time to bring back the creative and human side to marketing and social media, and connect with people, not just another ‘follower’.

If you’re unsure about creating content or strategy, or just don’t have the time, we can help! We live and breathe content marketing and can help you to drive traffic to your website and connect better with your audience. Contact us today on 07462 455 894 to find out more.

Alia Coster