How can the utilisation of social networking sites benefit your business?

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How can the utilisation of social networking sites benefit your business?

The epidemic of social media in modern culture is one that cannot be ignored. Everywhere we look we see advertisements and promotions in the form of hashtags and links. But what does this mean for the modern day business owner?

Consumer engagement

The link between the use of social media and consumer engagement has been proven to be one which is undeniably beneficial. Especially when considering the level at which businesses can interact with their customers. Social networking sites such as Twitter have made engaging with brands almost too easy. In seconds you can drop them a tweet or private message saying what you want. It’s a privilege that people have grown accustomed to using. A lot.

And plenty of companies recognise this potential. Social media has helped businesses have a more relaxed public face, appearing more approachable. Even Goliaths like Netflix let loose and crack jokes. And people love it.

The engagement which your posts receive is extremely advantageous in allowing for your business to reach a mass audience. This is useful whether you are a small business wishing to receive recognition, or a large business attempting to maintain your current representation.

Of course, social media never sleeps, so your customers don’t expect you to either. You’ll be at their beck and call 24 hours a day. It means you can respond to queries much quicker than you would an email, but it also means that as long as you have an internet connection, you’re attached to the customer. Be ready to deal with that.

Free promotion

The internet is estimated to have 3.02 billion monthly active social media users by 2021. That number is only going to increase with the population and advances in technology. So it stands to reason that the chances of your social media post being viewed by a large sum of people are high. If you use it in the right way - either by staying topical or posting things people want to read - you can promote your business for free!

Anyone using social media platforms can join in the conversation. It’s important that you appeal to a variety of individuals through your content to engage a wider audience. Most people are always looking for something new and exciting. The features that social media websites offer are the perfect way to promote and appeal to the audience's desires. Also, consider that a picture says a thousand words; in the world of quick media consumption, images are the best way to attract attention. It’s a good job your phone has a camera on it already!

Brand building

Increasing brand awareness will also allow you to increase your brand loyalty. Most people will choose to go to a company based on its current reputation and the recommendation of others. It’s important to establish yourself, especially in the current technology-focused era. Most people are now using social media for a multitude of reasons. Whether this be for entertainment purposes or to gain information, the majority of people have at least one social media account.

However you use social media, always remember to review your overall tone. Think about who your audience is - are they younger? Older? Other businesses? Members of the public? How you engage and interact will be a reflection of your business. Lastly, always remember this important tip: be yourself.

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Alia Coster