The benefits of LinkedIn for business promotion and engagement


The benefits of LinkedIn for business promotion and engagement

It’s fair to call the 21st century the age of technology. In the last two decades, we’ve been blessed with a myriad of advancements. Smartphones. Game of Thrones. Segways. But has any technology had as great an impact as social media?

What began with Myspace and others of its ilk has transformed into a goliath that takes up more of our time than we’d like to admit. And businesses haven’t been shy in embracing its potential as a marketing tool.

Social media has a lot to offer in terms of how businesses can access their given market. LinkedIn is one of the many social platforms on offer, and one of the few geared towards a professional audience. But what are the advantages of LinkedIn compared to other networking platforms?

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is best described as a business-focused social networking site. It allows individuals to engage with other like-minded people, Such as business owners, employees, and even possible investors, through the click of a button. Unlike the more conventional and socially attractive platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn purely focuses on professional networking. So, thankfully, you’re much less likely to see countless photos of newborns and arguments over dinner recipes.

Employers can post job advertisements and write content about their current affairs. Jobseekers can use it to flaunt their abilities hoping to attract potential job offers and lucrative connections. No matter the purpose, LinkedIn offers interactive benefits that allow individuals and businesses to entice others to benefit themselves.

A competitive advantage

Social networking websites are beneficial to the everyday business owner in a multitude of ways. They offer opportunities to post content that sets you apart from the rest. But LinkedIn has the added bonus of letting you create ads to promote yourself. Whether this is a business achievement, an employment advertisement, or an informative blog post. These adverts let your content be seen either directly on the LinkedIn feed, through messenger, or through PPC. Either way, they are highly personalised and targeted. They allow your business posts to generate leads and become a priority.

Driving SEO traffic

LinkedIn makes up more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites. It helps you establish your business and reach people you potentially otherwise wouldn't be able to. It’s important to create a page for both you as an individual and also for your company. This way, people can get a feel for your personality, as well as the business’s.

Posting approximately 20 posts a month allows you to gain around a 60% audience reach. The more people following your company page, the higher the outreach. Starting by asking your employees to follow the company page is a useful tip. They’re most likely to interact with your content, passing the information onto their contacts too. Even putting your LinkedIn on your own business page, company cards, or other social media will enhance your chances of driving promotion.

LinkedIn is highly advantageous in comparison to other social networking websites. It allows your business to gain substantial promotion and engagement from various individuals. Whether you’re aiming to build brand awareness or simply inform your audience. It offers a variety of social functions so you can maintain the representation of your business and its rapport with others.

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Alia Coster