A blog about blogs - is there a right way to do them?

Blog about blogs

A blog about blogs - is there a right way to do them?

Everybody has a blog these days. Chances are, you could find a blog post on any topic you could possibly think of. From businesses talking about allergies to deep insights into the property industry, blogs are an ideal way to get yourself out there.

For most, ‘content marketing’ is an easy ticket to increased traffic and sales. Or so they think. You see, it’s one thing to have a blog, it’s another to actually do it right. These are some of the pitfalls you might be guilty of and some ways you can make your blog infinitely better.

Sell yourself

When people think about their business blog, they think of it as a means to sell themselves. But to some, this means writing about themselves in a literal sense. You don’t want to publish post after post of the same exact information that can be found on your website’s ‘About Us’ page though.

Instead, it’s worth getting a bit creative. There are ways to sell yourself without explicitly mentioning what you do or what you sell. If someone’s found your blog through the website, it’s fair to assume they already know what you do, so let’s not bore them. You can offer insights into your industry or go completely off-piste with a slightly tangential rambling and use a quick call to action to snap your audience back into the room.

Regardless of what product or service you have to offer, maintaining a blog can increase traffic to your site and therefore improve business. The power of SEO means you can try to climb the leaderboard of Google search results and get your site to organically rank high. By building up a collection of blog posts, you build up a collection of keywords that can increase your ranking. Think of it like a game of snakes and ladders if that helps.

Create personality and relatability

Blog posts are also where you can give insight into the personality of your business. If you have blocks of writing that are monotonous and too serious, chances are your audience won’t respond well. Over 80% of respondents want a brand that is honest and friendly, as opposed to only 39% who wanted a brand that was politically correct.

Blog posts are best if they match your own ways of speaking. Imagine you were chatting with a customer, you might crack a few jokes and drop some of the professional guise. Blog posts allow to do just that. Your audience will appreciate an entertaining read more than an informative essay that reads like a university dissertation.

Along a similar vein, blog posts with personality will help you appear relatable. People are more likely to choose a company that they can relate to and feel they have something in common with. At the end of the day, not everyone wants the same things, and you may not be relatable to everyone, but there’s no need to keep your business hat on at all times.

Build a sense of authority

People buy products that help with something they’re unable to do themselves, and hire services that go above and beyond their own skill set. You can fill your blog with posts that suggest a sense of authority about you. If you appear knowledgeable about your product or service and up-to-date on what’s going on in your industry, your audience is more likely to trust you to provide whatever they need.

We’re not saying you have to be the smartest business in your industry, but it’s not too hard to convince people you’re the best team for the job.

Blog posts can do a lot of the leg work when it comes to marketing and getting your business out there. If you write engaging and relatable blog posts, more people will find your site. The more traffic your site gets, the more customers you can bring in.

At Coster Content we offer two services that could help with your business’s blog content. We offer a content writing service if you want us to write for you, or a consultancy that helps with your business’s communication and helps you write more effectively. If you have any questions, or are interested in our services, contact us on 0161 413 8418.

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