Transform your brand awareness through storytelling

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Transform your brand awareness through storytelling

You’ll never guess what happened to me last week. There’s this house on my way to work that I walk past every day. It’s an old American style house with wooden steps leading up to a big white porch. It’s beautiful.

There’s a dog that sits outside the door; an old bloodhound. He was resting his droopy ears dangling over the top step and every day as I’m walking past he makes a terrible wailing noise.

Every day for a week I walk past and he’s making the same deafening moaning sound. Eventually, after a growing concern for the hound's wellbeing, I make my way up the stairs. Unperturbed by my presence, the pooch doesn’t move a muscle, content in his complaining. I softly rap my fingers on the window to which the owner of the hound opens the door with a soft, welcoming smile.

“Sorry to bother you,” I start. “But I can't help but notice your dog seems to be complaining terribly.”

“I know,” the woman replies. “He’s sat on an old rusty nail.”

“Why doesn’t he move?” comes my confused reaction.

“It doesn’t hurt enough,” she shrugs.

Like the old dog and the rusty nail, business coaches can be faced with an unwillingness to change from clients, because their daily struggle - the rusty nail - doesn’t hurt enough. Or, the reason business coaching can be challenging is because people don’t follow the advice they paid to receive.

Using stories to transform your brand awareness

Rather than just telling people the lesson, by using compelling stories you teach them the lesson in a way that lasts in their memory. No one likes to be told something. People enjoy learning from mistakes. From a young age, we love to hear stories. We’ll eagerly lay on our bellies, feet crossed at the ankles, and chins resting on our hands, taking in the magical details of whatever tale our parents are reading us, letting our imaginations run wild. Our appreciation for storytelling is a love that never died.

In Yuval Noah Harari’s eye-opening ‘Sapiens’, the theory is the one factor that sets us as humans apart from animals is our ability to gossip and create untruths. In days gone by elders and village folk would sit around the fire, telling stories. It was their way to entertain and teach each other valuable life lessons.

When you’re talking about your business and why you’re so wonderful, and how your products and services are the best, and how everything is amazing, and how people should buy buy buy, you just sound like a salesman. And people shut off. Try a different tactic.

Every business, every product, every service, it has its own story; it’s own journey. Share it with people. Your passions have driven you for one reason or another, and it’s that passion that’ll drive your organisation and brand awareness forward, not a meticulously crafted sales pitch. Why not let Coster Content help you? Call us today on 07462 455 894.

Alia Coster