Building content: why your business values matter

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Building content: why your business values matter

When writing content - be it a blog, case study, or thought piece - it’s important to us that we learn about your business values beforehand. Interjecting the life and soul of your company into what we write is essential. We pride ourselves on writing about you and the benefits you provide to your clients and customers. Our content isn’t a sales pitch; it’s a story. And like any good story, let’s start at the beginning. So, why do we care about your business values before creating content for you?


When you work with us, we work with you and vice versa. We make it our mission to take the time to understand your views, beliefs, and expertise so that we can create content that fits your organisation's tone of voice. Writing both to you, your employees, and your clients can be challenging, but we rise to that challenge time and time again, and we make sure to include you in every step along the way.

Knowledge is power

We don’t believe in writing content that is all about selling. Yes, that’s critical, that’s why the world needs blogs and other content, but it’s equally as important to educate the audience and pique their interest. From plumbing to gaming to fitness, we work hard to make sure every industry stands out to engage new and existing customers. The entire Coster Content team are geeks about learning; be it specialist gases, property, or why we should eat more avocados, we can’t wait to learn more about every industry out there.

The discovery session that we offer at the start of a partnership brings your knowledge and ours together. You can ask us questions, and we’ll be sure to ask a few too. We want to grasp what drives your business: the why, what, and how's of what you do. Our content should reflect the blood, sweat, and tears of your business. By getting to grips with your product, objectives, and customers, we can build an effective strategy to help you to hit your targets.

Why values matter

We wouldn’t want our values to be undermined, and we don’t want your values to go unnoticed either. Businesses who care are our cup of tea. Not only does this help the team to write blogs it also enables us to put the right message out there and to engage the right people.

Standing out in the crowded digital world of social media, pop-ups, and adverts can be overwhelming, but if you have unique selling points, we want to shout about them. Businesses who care earn more customers, retain them, and achieve more success. That’s something we want to be a part of, and we hope you do too.

Marketing, content or otherwise, has turned cold and clinical in a world ruled by analytics and followers. Okay, maybe we’re being a bit dramatic there, but what we’re trying to say is that we want to bring the passion and life back into the job and get to the heart of who your business is.

If you need help creating content that expresses the values of your business, get in touch today on 07462 455 894 to see how we can help. Blogs, strategies, and everything in between are what we live and work for, and we can’t wait to get stuck in.

Alia Coster