Why a buyer persona makes content better

buyer persona

Why a buyer persona makes content better

The internet is a busy place. Standing out is essential, but that’s easier said than done. However, if you know who your audience is and how to reach them best, you can create a buyer persona - you know, that thing marketers rave about. There’s a reason they love them; they help you to meet your business goals.

What is it?

A buyer persona is a profile of who your audience is, or who you want your audience to be. Think of it as a character: What’s their name? How old are they? What’s their gender? Why not go all out and even assign them a hair colour. The more detailed, the better. These are just some of the primary factors. You’ll want to create about three personas you want to attract, and even a few that you don’t want.

Personas are used to reach your audience effectively. They will support you in driving traffic to your website, increase interaction on your social media accounts, boost sales, and improve brand awareness.

Tailoring your content and marketing will help to create a unique and personable buyer journey for each customer. By doing this, you can provide individuals with quality service and develop both B2B and B2C relationships. In turn, this will help you to gain insight into who your audience is, what their challenges are, and how you can be their solution.

Reaching your goals

By outlining who your customers are, you’ll be able to develop your idea of how to best communicate with them. For example, when creating your personas, think about what channel is the most effective way to attract their interest. Is this through social media (be specific about which platforms), emails, or blogs? If you aren’t reaching them in the right way, it’s unlikely that you will engage with them effectively.

Tone of voice

Buyer personas will help you to develop your tone of voice for different customers and channels. Once you have an insight into who your audience is, what they are interested in, their prefered channel, and what influences them, you can write for them, not just at them.

Think of it this way: one of your customers is a man in his seventies. He’s middle class, prefers more traditional media such as print, and isn’t a fan of image-based social content. With that in mind, using slang, emojis, and social media is not the best way to engage with him. Pay attention to how you’re writing - is it formal and dry, or informal and chatty? Which of these will your audience respond to?

In most instances, a personal touch to your content can go a long way; personalised emails improve click-through rate by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.

What to include

Buyer personas are made up of broader factors such as age and gender, and more specific features like their interests and influences. Other elements include:

  • Location

  • Job title

  • Income

  • Are they buying for themselves or others?

  • Do they prefer formal or informal content?

  • How did they find out about your business?

  • Why do they buy? What’s their motivation?

Utilising this data can make all the difference; behaviourally-targeted ads are twice as effective compared to non-targeted ads.

If you develop a new buyer persona that you want to engage, will the change in marketing affect your existing customers? Gap is an example of this. In 2010, they faced criticism as they rebranded to appeal to a younger audience. Instead of putting the spotlight on their iconic practical and comfortable clothing that offered an alternative to fast-fashion, they focused on style. Gap ignored the needs of their customers and buyers lost interest in them as a result.

Where to find data for personas?

To start putting together your personas, it’s not enough to know your future audience. You’ll also need to understand your current audience. There are several sources of information you can use including:

  • Customer reviews

  • Surveys

  • Social media interaction

  • Customer analytics

  • Comments left on blogs

Why do personas make your content better?

If you understand your audience, you can market to them directly; your content can be created for individuals, not just anyone. It will be specific and attract the right people. Using personas effectively makes websites 2-5 times easier to use by targeted users.

Buyer personas and tailored content marketing can be a handful; if you would like help putting together buyer personas, blogs, or content schedules, we would be happy to help. Get in touch today on 07462 455 894.

Alia Coster