Why a case study might be just what your marketing strategy needs

Case study

Why a case study might be just what your marketing strategy needs

Did you know that 63% of marketers in the UK believe that a case study is one of the most effective marketing strategies? Well, it’s true! Case studies are now some of the most trusted forms of branding that a business can implement. Whether they take the form of a blog or a video, they should always tell a story.

Customers are more likely to buy into a narrative compared to a flashy advert on their Facebook feed. Studies show that 84% of millennials don’t even trust traditional ads, and as of 2017, 615 million devices installed ad blocker technology.

Diversifying your marketing using various types of content is a powerful way to advertise to people without being blocked. Case studies and blogs are a sure fire way to appeal to current and potential buyers as 84% of consumers expect brands to produce content.

But, what is a case study, what should you include in one, and why are they useful?

What is a case study?

Case studies are the crème de la crème of content marketing. They outline the problem, solution, and outcome of your product or service, and prove that you aren’t just all talk. It demonstrates that you mean what you say, and do what you say. It provides a clear picture as to how the customer/client benefited from your company’s inclusion. It’s about how their job is easier as a result of your hard work. And it doesn’t hurt that content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing yet produces three times the amount of leads.

Reviews are fantastic - 90% of consumers trust them. But in this digital age, you need more. They point out what worked or what didn’t, but they don’t tell you what the problem was to start with and what the process was to find a solution. Reviews are a quick list of someone’s overall experience with one or two features pointed out. However, case studies tell you the journey, the benefits, and provide the facts; they show the value of your business without forcefully selling it.

What to include?

Consumers have become switched on to informative, honest marketing and switched off to adverts and pop-ups; studies show that 71% of readers avoid content that sounds like a sales pitch. Ads and pop-ups are cold - they don’t tell your audience anything about your brand. What they do well is making your business look as though they only care about money - and we’re betting that’s not the reputation you desire.

In your case studies you should include:

  • Facts

  • Feedback

  • The effects on your business on the client/customer

But don’t:

  • Focus on how amazing your business is

  • Write a sales pitch

Buyer journey

So how can you make sales without sounding like a used car salesman? The answer is case studies. They tell a story. People like stories; 92% of readers love them, and you should too. A case study isn’t a work of fiction, but they do follow a customer/client journey. Think of this as the problem, solution, outcome, and a call to action.

People invest in people. Use this to your advantage - include direct quotes from the clients or customers. Not only do quotes humanise your case study,  they also back up what you say.

Other than getting potential buyers invested in your real life “hero saves the day” narrative, how else can you make your case studies memorable?


The beauty of case studies is that they are somewhat of an art form. You can format them as a long-form PDF, an infographic, presentation, or video. Which you choose matters as each will appeal to different audiences.

By utilising the different styles of case studies, combined with including a range of text and visuals, you can appeal to different types of people who have different preferences for how they consume information. You should also keep in mind the platform they use to access this, such as social media.

Case studies are also loved by marketers as you can include text, bullet points, and graphics to make your content more interesting, readable, and engaging.

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Alia Coster