Top ways to improve your charity copywriting

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Top ways to improve your charity copywriting

As a charity, writing content for your marketing seems easy at first. You’re in a position to speak passionately about a topic you love, so the final product has to turn out good, right? Most of us have a serviceable grasp of the English language. We use social media daily, so we’re practically pros. But, when you start writing, you'll soon realise there’s more to it than meets the eye. What is SEO? How do you upload to WordPress? How do you write a blog that tells a story - one that is engaging?

In truth, all of these take training and practice. But, the good news is this training is readily available, so you can turn your content into a fundraising masterpiece. To get started, here a few basic tips to improve your content writing and marketing for your charity.

Have a strategy

Even as a non-profit organisation, one of your main goals, just like any other business, is to generate an ever-increasing income. This is excellent; it means more money is going towards your charity’s cause. But to do this, you have to play by business rules, and that means advertising in the most efficient way possible to turn potential leads into loyal customers. For this, you need a strategy.

Creating a marketing strategy involves plenty of research into who you are as a brand, who your competitors are, and who your customers are. Then there’s the budget to consider. Don't worry; you can get help with all of this from a reputable marketing agency. The important thing to note is that without a strategy, your content won't bring in those vital extra donors you need.

A strategy allows you to plan how you're going to market to your audience. Then everything else, including the way you write, revolves around this plan. 32% of companies lack a structured marketing plan. But, without it, your writing has no purpose, and your goal becomes hazy. Diverging from it will only weaken the impact of the meticulously planned strategy.

Look at charities you like

Have you seen another charity posting content that you thought was particularly well written or seems to gather a lot of interest? Well, there’s nothing wrong with taking a leaf out of their book and using them as inspiration for your own writing.

This is by no means an invitation to plagiarise or copy another. But, if they are marketing to the same target audience as you, there's nothing wrong with talking about similar topics that seem to interest your audience or posting content in similar formats. It could help influence your strategy.

Make people care

Already, as a charity, you’re at an advantage when it comes to making people care about what you have to say. The fact that you are a charity organisation in the first place means someone out there cared enough about your cause to start your organisation. And, undoubtedly, there are many more out there who care equally. But how do you get this across in your writing? It's about storytelling.

If you want people to become invested in your organisation, you need to make them care about you. You need to make sure that when you communicate with your audience, you can make them feel something - an emotional response. There is a reason why the world is obsessed with TV, movies, books, and music.

It’s because they tell a story and have an unparalleled ability to make people feel. Skilled writers do this with ease. All the best copywriters are storytellers. But for those less experienced, it’s going to take practice and learning to get your audience invested in your cause.

At Coster Content, we provide all the training charities need to be able to write content with an impact. Time is money, and we want each minute you spend writing to matter for the people you are helping. To find out more about how we can help you, get in touch on 0161 413 8418.

Alia Coster