‘Tis the season to sell: why Christmas marketing matters

Christmas marketing

‘Tis the season to sell: why Christmas marketing matters

It’s that time of year again - well, almost. It’s what we like to call pre-Christmas. Pre-Christmas has been taking place since the end of August. It’s as though we’ve forgotten about Halloween this year, skipped the ghosts and started to buy light-up Santas already. You might think we’re exaggerating but we’re not; walk into any supermarket and there are advent calendars already lining the shelves.

What I’m trying to say is Christmas is coming - in fact, it’s already here. You can’t wait until the end of October to start your festive marketing. You need to be ahead of the game; small and big businesses alike have been preparing for months. Don’t end up on Santa’s bad list - get planning!


You might be wondering why it’s so critical to invest in Christmas marketing? To start with, think about all the sales that are made during the winter period - there’s a reason some businesses have to hire seasonal staff. We’ve all heard the nightmare stories of retail employees going crazy after listening to Fairytale of New York on repeat all day, every day while dealing with queues of busy shoppers. But just because you’re not in that industry, and not selling Christmas themed products, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother with festive marketing.

For example, if your business is in the plumbing industry, a fantastic way to tie Christmas into your marketing is to advertise that you can repair boilers. They don’t want to wait until December 25th, with family visiting from all over the country, only for the heating not to work. But, if you market in advance before the big day, that doesn’t have to happen. Your business will be happy and so will your customers. One could say it’s a Christmas miracle.

Social selling

Whatever industry you’re in, events such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter make marketing easier! It gives you something to talk about if you’re stuck for ideas, and it can help to attract new customers. Utilise the power of hashtags this winter (#Christmas2018, #snowday - you get the idea) to reach new customers.


Although the holidays are a celebration of family, the winter time, and that all-important Christmas cake, it’s also about making sales. And not just any sort of sales - the holidays are not cheap, consumers will be looking for the best deals out there, so push your business to the forefront of buyer’s minds by offering fantastic deals.

Whether you love the season, or hate it, using it to market your business is a step in the right direction. It can help to drive sales and engage new and existing customers. Don’t be a Scrooge this year - invest in Christmas marketing instead of missing out.

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Alia Coster