The importance of using a content editor

content editor

The importance of using a content editor

You could say what makes a great writer is mastery over the written word. Or it could be the ability to craft entire worlds, or spin timeless tales that last over generations. But behind every great writer is a great content editor.

They say if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, but we don’t think they foresaw digital marketing when they came up with that saying. Just because your website is up and running doesn’t mean it’s great. Like with writing, what you’ve got is the first draft. This needs refining and tinkering by a content editor until it’s practically perfect.

Feeling content

Before you start making new content, you need to fix what you already have. Make your current blogs and web pages the best they can be. Having a strong position to begin is the best way to start. It'll make a good first impression to any new customers visiting your site.

If you’re adding new content without a content editor then you can run into a multitude of problems. First, the content that’s already online may not be the best fit for the site. Maybe the tone just doesn’t fit, or links aren’t working. By taking the time to make each page perfect you’ll be showing your customers just how much you care.

Style over substance

Through your vigorous editing, you’ll start to create a consistent style across your website. This will give it a professional quality that’s bound to bring customers back again and again. While your initial writing and marketing may seem like fantastic ideas to begin with, going back and refining them will only improve clarity, readability, and organisation.

By improving your website, you’ll even begin to attract newer customers. Through search engine optimisation (or SEO) you can bring in new visitors. What SEO does is correlate keywords, images, and videos into how relevant they are to typical search results. So, the more relevant you make your site, by using the most appropriate language, the more customers you’ll be receiving.

Nothing is ever perfect first time. It takes editing, editing, and even more editing to improve your product. At the end of the day, a perfect product and perfect service are what both you and your customers deserve.

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Alia Coster