Common concerns construction companies have about content writers

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Common concerns construction companies have about content writers

Is there much point in construction companies sharing content? After all, the topics you would want to talk about are very industry specific. Who’s going to get that apart from other construction companies? And, even if people were going to read them, who besides you would be able to write these articles matching your personal tone? What if they’re boring?

If these concerns are the only thing stopping your construction company from posting regular content, then you’re in luck. It's these exact reasons that mean you need a content writer now, more than ever. In this day and age, no business can afford to be content-less. Blogging is just the beginning when it comes to successful digital marketing for construction companies. Here are the top three reasons construction firms hold back on outsourcing their content.

Inside knowledge

If you’re concerned about the accuracy of your content, don’t be. It’s not a content writer’s job to have all the inside knowledge on every specific aspect of construction immediately. But, it is their job to find out the most relevant information and turn it into a compelling story that is going to drive traffic to your business. When you are close to a topic, it can be hard to separate yourself and refrain from being too technical.

This can sometimes work if you’re talking business to business, but sometimes, it can exclude potential clients from the conversation. Content writers use a mixture of techniques like case studies, worker profiles, industry research, and close communication with you to make sure your content is both informative and accessible to all types of readers, not just those in similar positions to the client. Content writers can spin even the most basic set of statistics into something original and interesting that gets the right eyes on your business.

What would you talk about?

What your construction company talks about depends on who you are as a brand, who your audience is, and what will get you noticed. These details are considered thoroughly, often in face-to-face meetings between you and the marketing team before fingers hit the keyboard. That way you know your posts will be a hit before they are even posted.

Once you sort out all the fine details, it’s time to get creative, and that’s exactly what writers do. All you need to do it sit back and let them work their magic on your content. Topics can range from issues like planning permission to the latest smart city technology, to environmental issues in construction - certainly not dull, and your readers won’t think so either.

Being a specialist

Like how you’re a specialist in your industry, content writers are specialists in theirs. This means that just because you have a case study to write, that could have a lot of reach, it doesn’t mean you’re always the best person to write that piece. Do you know SEO techniques? Or the best way to structure a case study? How about improving the readability of an article, or what language and style to use to best relate to your audience? Content writers do.

Without these things, no matter how good your content ideas are, or how impressive your work is, it’s unlikely they will bring the excellent results that content marketing is known for.

These are just a few reasons why construction companies will benefit from working with content writers. Sometimes the biggest one is the workload.

If you can’t go without content, but are also struggling to find the time to produce compelling, original, and frequent content, then get in touch with Coster Content on 07462 455 894. Our team will take this burden off your shoulders to free up your time and put the power of content marketing to work.

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