Has your digital agency picked up these bad habits?

digital agency bad habits

Has your digital agency picked up these bad habits?

We’ve all heard office horror stories from our friends. From stolen food, to being made to work all the hours in the day, to those sad stories about someone crying in the toilet. It’s important to remember that we spend most of our lives at work. So creating an excellent environment for your staff is key to a successful business. Often noted for their fun environment, even agencies come with their own tales of woe. But what habits are bad for your agency and how can you change them?

The 9 to 5

It’s something that’s been around for longer than any of us; Dolly Parton even sang about it. But in this digital age, does the 9 to 5 always work? There are arguments for it and against it. Personally, a blend of the 9 to 5 and flexible working is something that could work for a digital agency. You can start this by simply buying the right equipment. Laptops will provide staff with the freedom to roam around the office, and even work from home.

With team members being relatively young, the opportunity to work from home is almost a blessing. Let’s face it: sometimes you can’t get out of bed and get to work for 9 am. And being belittled via email for turning up at 9:01 am isn’t fun for anyone involved. Allowing team members to work more flexible home and office hours could really help them. After all, the creative process doesn’t operate within eight specific hours.

Dictatorship working

One thing a digital agency can be great at is collaborative working. Demonstrated through many successful digital campaigns, where SEO, content, PR, and social media collide to create something beautiful. But this isn’t always the case. One thing that rubs team members up the wrong way is promising the client something without consulting them first. By doing this you can create heavier workloads and stress, while your team often feel less valued.

It’s essential to run it past everyone first. A mini-brainstorm usually conjures up ideas you hadn’t thought of. Otherwise, you could end up delivering something subpar. This will only reflect poorly on your business and leave staff feeling annoyed at the lousy work they’ve had to produce.

The client comes first

A mindset that flows throughout most agencies, remember that the client isn’t always right; even if they do pay the wages. After all, they’re coming to you for help with their content marketing as you’re the professionals. The problem can see staff spending weeks pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into a project – only to be told to start again. Often these concepts have been signed off weeks in advance, costing the agency valuable time and money.

Sometimes starting again isn’t an option, which can leave staff feeling at a loss. It’s important to remember - if you 100% believe in what you’re doing - you can put your foot down with a client. If we genuinely believe our strategy will help we will stick to our guns. It’s our prerogative to deliver results. As well as winning your client's faith in your abilities your staff will also be confident that you’re supporting them every step of the way. Otherwise, they could soon be looking for work elsewhere.

When it comes to running a digital agency, the important thing is to evolve like the world around you. Keeping staff happy without falling into old tropes is the sweet spot between the old and the new – just like when digital, print, and TV work in perfect harmony.

Have you ever worked at an agency that’s fallen into these bad habits? Then why not share your horror stories, and tell us what happened. We’re always looking for ways to improve from both an employee and a client perspective, and so welcome the opportunity to learn from industry mistakes. Visit our website or call us today on 07462 455 894.

Alia Coster