Five affordable marketing tips


Five affordable marketing tips

Marketing strategies are important for any business. Whether you’re a well-renowned corporation or a small start-up, they work to increase your reach and spread the word about the services or products you have to offer. Despite what you may think, it doesn’t have to be a big financial burden.

If you’ve got endless money to spend, then marketing can be a huge financial investment. However, there are also effective ways to market yourself without breaking the bank. If you’re a small business owner, or simply looking to market yourself on a budget, here are five affordable marketing tips.

Make a plan

It’s important to set a plan of action for your business’s marketing. There are a few things you need to consider before you introduce any marketing strategies. A thorough plan means whatever methods you choose are more likely to be successful and will carry your business in the exact direction you want.

It’s worth identifying your current audience, as well as any potential audiences you want to try and reach. This means you can choose the most appropriate marketing methods with them in mind.

It’s also important to assess how much money you can set aside for marketing. Having no money obviously changes the options you’ll have. There’s no point throwing large amounts of money on marketing and then finding yourself struggling to get by. So try to be realistic.


Make sure you have plenty of content and make sure it’s good while you’re at it.

A blog on your website is an easy way to provide content for current and new clients. You can tactically plan the content you produce in order to achieve whatever engagement you’re after.

You’ll be able to offer insight into your industry as well as any surrounding ones, present more of your business’ personality or that of your team, and provide case studies of previous work. Optimising your content through search engine optimisation (SEO) will also help to build your online presence and increase traffic to your site.

No matter how you’re presenting content, you want to make sure you do so consistently. As a marketing strategy, it’ll take a while to have an effect. But if you stay consistent with it, it’s sure to pay off long-term.

Social media

Social media can be great for free publicity. It provides a way to instantly connect with your audience. Ideal for posting short amounts of information or pictures, social media platforms can assist in expanding your business’s audience and customer base.

You can also use your social media platforms to spread the word about any content you’re putting on your website, a way for your marketing methods to work alongside one another.

LinkedIn is a great platform for business networking. If you use it well you’ll be able to fill your diary with meetings that’ll expand your network and bring in new clients. We’ve got a great introduction to using LinkedIn here.

Like with longer-form content, you want to be consistent with your social media activity. There’s no point posting one photo to Instagram and then ignoring all audience interaction, and not posting another for three months. You want to work on building a presence your audience will want to revisit and maintain interaction with.

Don’t forget about your existing clients

It’s five times more expensive to attract new clients than it is to maintain current ones. And, ultimately, your existing clients’ word of mouth and reviews are likely to play a big part in your acquisition of new ones. With this in mind, it’s well worth nurturing your current client base.

Whether it’s producing a regular newsletter for your mailing list or offering an incentive to encourage referrals, keeping your clients sweet will pay off for your business’s growth.

Practice how you sell yourself

If someone asks what your business is or what it has to offer, you want to be able to sell yourself well. It’s worth taking some time to practice how you engage with potential clients so that you’re presenting yourself in the best possible way.

No one has twenty minutes to hear you break-down the history of your business, or wants to read pages and pages about what you offer. You want to get all the necessary information across accurately while still being succinct. A few lines that get across who you are and what you do will come in handy when interacting with new clients and will be easily transferred over to online communications.

Using marketing to help your company grow and develop doesn’t have to be a massive expense. There are methods that cost little to no money and can massively increase the audiences you reach and your acquisition of clients.

At Coster Content, we take care of your content needs so you can focus on targeting new audiences. We can also help to refine your business communications and you’re coming across in the best way. If you have any questions or think our services could help you, get in touch on 0161 413 8418.

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