Website content: fix what you have before you start

fix website content

Website content: fix what you have before you start

When most businesses look to outsource, they have the future in mind. Obviously, a fantastic outlook to have, one which - when delivered correctly - makes for a profitable future. But how can you maximise on the return you see from your monthly content retainer and your existing website content? After all, your site is where you give your first impression.

Business blogs

Business blogs are single-handedly one of the most beneficial marketing tools that you can keep in your marketing arsenal. Your blog gives you a bit of everything.

  • Credibility - So long as you know what you’re talking about of course - comes from industry-thought leadership articles. Although don't bore your readers with technical jargon.

  • Loyalty - By regularly producing helpful website content you become a source of information which helps you gain both trust and loyalty from your readership. A well-written blog should be emotive in some way - topic dependant of course - not to mention entertaining, so people look forward to your blogs because they like your brand.

  • SEO - Then, of course, you’ve got the technical aspects. Utilising keywords in the right way, you can attract more users to the website content; the more traffic you have, the more likely you are to see an increase in sales. Google starts to recognise that you’ve got something to say, and when users flock to your website it begins to push you further up the rankings and closer to the top page of Google, for free, which of course is exactly what you want.

Sounds easy right?

Website refresh

Well...actually, it is. But the website content HAS to be of decent quality and has to represent you. It needs to be readable and interesting. Plus the keywords have to be included in a certain way. You can’t just pepper the article with them and expect Google to issue a free queue jump pass to the top.

When you engage with a quality content writing agency, chances are, the content will be of the quality and standard you need to push your website content in the right direction. However, like a leaky bucket, it’s a good idea to fix the holes and flaws on your site before filling it with new content.

A refresh of your website content is a brilliant way to update your image and ensure it’s running at its full potential. That way when you add regular, fresh, thought-provoking, and compelling content, you can have the peace of mind that both your blog and website content will work harmoniously. Get in touch today on 07462455894 to find out more.

Alia Coster