Overcoming the struggle of seeking employment in content writing

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Overcoming the struggle of seeking employment in content writing

There’s an ongoing frustration in the world of job hunting; a dichotomy between education and experience. A struggle to gain access into an industry, when nearly all employers appear to put a premium on candidates with extensive experience within their field. Only 74% of graduates find themselves in full-time work three years after graduating, and how can this figure ever increase when previous experience is such a priority? Unfortunately, it looks as if the world of content writing is no different.

It seems impossible to gain the experience that is so imperative and non-negotiable in a lot of jobs. It becomes a catch-22 of needing experience to get a job but needing a job to get that experience. A contagious personality, willingness to learn, and even an innate writing ability will get you nowhere when your lack of previous employment prevents you from even being considered for an interview.

An equal playing field

With more people choosing university over employment, you’d think that companies would have to take the plunge and hire based on traits other than how much previous experience someone has. Sure, not every hire will necessarily work out or stick around for the long haul, but isn’t that what a probationary period is for?

The most qualified applicant could reach the one-month mark at their new post and decide it’s not their cup of tea. So with this in mind, why should recent graduates, or any other ‘inexperienced’ job-seekers, be treated any differently, or as any less ‘ready’ to fulfil a given position.

The benefits of being a blank canvas

Often overlooked is the potentially fruitful opportunity of hiring a candidate that isn't tainted by the inner workings and goings-on at a previous employer. A blank canvas, if you will, who can be taught and built into exactly the type of employee required. These types of people usually have a raw, untapped potential and willingness to thrive. They want to stand out and may feel they have something to prove to a new employer.

Beginnings of change

Even though in a recent study 78% of respondents specified ‘personality’ as the most important trait in potential candidates, disparities still remain. Despite this figure indicating a move in the right direction, many job advertisements still list ‘2-5 years of experience within a similar role’, or something to that effect. A large number of companies still appear unwilling to give chances to those that are fresh out of university or seeking their first job within a specific field.

While you wait for these roadblocks to clear, there are ways to better situate yourself within the sea of graduates seeking employment, with degree certificates clutched in hand. In the current age of internships and unpaid work positions, most of these options will be a case of ‘doing your time’, showing commitment, resilience, and starting at the very beginning.

However, if content writing is what you have in mind, then our six-week Academy may be a good fit, offering you that essential stepping stone. If you’re interested in getting that boost you need, get in touch with us on 0161 413 8418.

Alia Coster