How to write if you’re not a writer

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How to write if you’re not a writer

The Coster Content team spend all day writing, and it’s a common misconception that writing has to be a part of your DNA. They say writers know how to write pages and pages and pages of content from the moment they’re born. But that’s not true. Yes, it helps if you already love to write. Anything you enjoy doing is ten times easier if you love it.

But it’s not essential to be a naturally-gifted writer. All it takes is time and practice. Remember, practice makes progress. These are our three top tips on how to write brilliant content that will hit all the right marks when it comes to marketing.


You know what they say: it’s about quality, not quantity. And they’re right. While it can be tempting to put everything you know on one page, it’s best to keep on top of your word count. If it’s too long, it can affect the quality of your writing. If you write fewer words than you first expected, don’t sweat it! It’s better to write a small, concise article while retaining quality and getting your message across, instead of rambling on.

Get to the point

A top tip for how to write quality content is to focus on one key point or a small handful of points. Try to avoid writing about too many aspects; this can make for challenging reading and might put your readers off. Before writing, create a plan and stick to it.

Know your stuff

Do your research. We cannot stress this enough. Research is vital no matter what you’re writing about. One wrong point can make your business look unprofessional and will weaken the trust between you and your audience. It can easily cause your business to look as though they don’t know what they are talking about and damage your overall reputation and frame you as an unreliable source of information.

Write drunk, edit sober

Another key point to mention is editing. While we don’t necessarily agree with the novelist Peter De Vries advice to “write drunk, edit sober”, we do agree with him that editing is an essential a part of the content writing process. You might want to ask a different employee to read your content as you can’t always spot your own mistakes. Feedback like this is essential and can help you become a better writer.

It isn’t difficult to become a writer. With enough time set aside, the right tools at your disposal, and the most critical ingredient, interest, you will be on your way to becoming a writer. If you can’t dedicate the time or money, it’s best to pass the job onto someone who knows how to write.

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Alia Coster