Work smarter to increase your productivity

increase productivity

Work smarter to increase your productivity

Maybe you’re not a morning person, or perhaps you can’t start your day without a coffee (or three), however, staying motivated for 8+ hours isn’t easy for everyone. Here are our 8 top tips to help you start working smarter without feeling burned out, make the most of your day, and increase your productivity.

Wake up happy

We all know how tempting it is to hit the snooze button and drift off back into dreamland, but think about how this will affect your mood for the rest of the day. You'll end up rushing around before you get out the door. If you can minimise how much time you spend getting ready, then there's no reason why you can’t hit snooze for ten or fifteen extra minutes.

If extra sleep doesn’t help, then why not set your alarm earlier, so that you can wake up with the sunrise, shower and spend time doing something that makes you laugh or feel calm. Take ten minutes to read a few pages of that book you just can’t put down, or eat breakfast while catching up on the latest Netflix series.


You might think that a caffeine filled cup of coffee will get you on your feet, but by the time you get to the office, you're likely to crash. Avoid caffeine and sugar first thing in the morning and swap the coffee and sugary cereal for a hearty, healthy breakfast and a smoothie.

If you can’t go without a hot drink, opt for a herbal tea instead! Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day - it makes all the difference.

Be comfortable

Depending on the dress code, try to keep things comfortable. You won’t have the best productivity if your outfit is irritating you. Swap your skinny jeans for something a little more loose fitting.


Plan what you need to get done. Note down your to-do list and enjoy ticking each task off. Figure out what works best for you; is it more productive for you to get all the smaller or bigger jobs done first or last? Not everyone works the same way, so don’t feel obliged to work the same way as your co-workers. Don’t just write a to-do list - set goals and reward yourself when you complete them; this could be something as simple as a break away from your screen for some fresh air or a treat at lunch.

Did you ever complete your homework the night before it was due? Don’t leave your work until the last minute - you don’t want to end up anxious at the last minute and produce low quality work.

Take breaks

Taking breaks, especially if you work at a computer is essential. Reduce the risk of headaches, tiredness, and stress by taking 10-15 minute breaks every hour or so. Leave your phone on your desk and take a walk. Having a working culture that suits you is essential.


Is your workspace noisy, cramped or just not for you? Why not try finding somewhere else to work if your motivation and creativity is being stifled. If you're worried about upsetting your boss, don't worry - there are ways around this.

Early night

Your bedtime routine can affect your mood the next day, so make sure you don’t go to bed feeling anxious.

Put down the tech - brightness filter or not, you don’t need to be distracted. You might think one quick look is harmless, but 30 seconds later you're watching dog videos on YouTube while looking up the history of the universe on Wikipedia.

Download a podcast or your favourite album to listen to offline before bedtime. You might learn something new while finding it easier to drift off.

Late-night grub

If possible, avoid eating dinner late. Eating late can make it difficult to fall asleep, you aren’t likely to deep sleep, and are likely to wake up throughout the night, only impacting your productivity the next day.

Motivation isn’t consistent day to day; however, you can work towards reducing your morning anxiety by following our tips and tricks. But if you need someone to take on some of your workload stress, why not get in touch with us today on 07462 455 894.

Alia Coster