5 habits that are killing your content - Number three: Talking about your brand too much

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5 habits that are killing your content - Number three: Talking about your brand too much

We all know one of those people who won’t stop talking about themselves. They’ve just bought a new car, they got a promotion, they’re thinking of getting their hair done, they’re having MAJOR relationship issues every day of the week, or they’re doing something else that you couldn’t care less about. And, after listening to all of this talking, do you like these people any better? Probably not. Do you want to hear more? Please, no. Talking too much about your brand is one of the top five habits that are killing your content, but it's not hard to stop.

Why you want to talk about your brand

According to research, talking about oneself gives a similar reaction to when we eat lovely food, take drugs, or have sex. In other words, talking about yourself feels good, and it’s the same when talking about your brand. You know that you’ve got a great company. It's fresh, and people need your product. You also know that the point of content marketing is to promote your brand.

So, it might seem only logical to spend the majority of your content talking to people about how great your brand is. You discuss what it has been up to for the past few weeks, plans for future products, and why people need them. We are sorry to tell you that talking about your brand too often in this way is a fast route to ensuring people avoid your sites, rather than become engaged with them. Consumers today find constant hounding from businesses annoying rather than appealing. So what should you talk about instead?

What your content should cover

Think about the type of people you find interesting. They don’t go on for hours about the mundane details of their lives. They find out what interests you, and always seem to be able to strike up and interesting conversation around that. These are the people we love to be around. We adore it when people are interested in our lives and when they give us fresh ideas and new ways of thinking. This is what your content should do. You need to relate to your audience on their level.

For example, Mitsubishi doesn’t just talk about cars. They talk about travelling and being spontaneous. Nike doesn’t only speak of sportswear and shoes. They talk about working hard, achieving your goals, and the impressiveness of the human mind and body. Maybelline doesn’t just talk about makeup. They talk about self-confidence, friendships, and individuality.

So what is your brand going to talk about? No matter what you’re selling, there will be other brands out there selling the same thing. A few pennies in price difference isn’t going to buy people’s loyalty. People want more out of their brands. They want helpful tips and engaging stories. That is what you need to write.

Content marketing is three times more effective than traditional marketing in lead generation and costs 62% less than traditional marketing, but only when you do it right. If you need a helping hand, don’t be afraid to get in touch with Coster Content today on 07462 455 894, or visit our website.

Alia Coster