5 habits that are killing your content - Number four: You don’t have a marketing budget


5 habits that are killing your content - Number four: You don’t have a marketing budget

Studies have shown that in today’s world content marketing generates more leads than paid search. It also provides three times more leads than outbound marketing while costing 62% less. As you can see, content marketing is extremely cost-effective. But, no one will ever tell you that excellent content comes for free, even if you do it yourself. So why don’t you have a marketing budget? It could be one of the things killing your content.

Your budget

It doesn’t have to be a big marketing budget. That doesn’t mean it should be tiny either. Your budget should be whatever you can afford to spend on content marketing at this moment. It should benefit your business, without putting your cash flow under stress.

Spending the bare minimum will allow you to carry out a small marketing campaign. But, it’s likely you'll end up compromising on either the quality of your content or your ability to produce enough of the right stuff. As we have said before, to boost the effectiveness of your content, you need to make sure you post the right amount, in the right place, at the right time.

The costs

Like we said earlier, content marketing isn’t free. You have to consider that it takes time, effort, and research for your content marketing plan to come to life. If you are spending a significant amount of time writing content for your business, who is running it? Either you are paying someone else to keep your business moving forward, or you’re spending time that could be spent running your business and making profits on your marketing. Content marketing will undoubtedly pay off in the long run, but in the initial DIY stages, you could be losing money. You need to account for this in your marketing budget to avoid falling into any money problems.

This doesn’t include the software you might need to purchase or sign up to like grammar checking software, or keyword finding websites that are pivotal in the success of your content. Going down the professional route, with an established company, means they will take this cost of research into account. They will bring you faster results and higher profits in the long run, ultimately being more cost-effective than the DIY route. But still, in the early stages, they will cost you, with varying prices depending on what you want.

Allocating your budget

There are two main factors to consider when deciding on your marketing budget. The first is how does the content marketing strategy align with your business marketing goals? The second is the ROI for content marketing compared to other marketing channels. Considering the earlier statistics, as well as the fact content marketing has been shown to be a preferred method of brand interaction by consumers, the investment is well worth your money.

Making sure you have a budget is equally as important as deciding how much will be in your marketing budget so that you can get the most significant returns on your investment without getting into trouble.

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Alia Coster