5 habits that are killing your content - Number five: Your process is broken

Killing content process

5 habits that are killing your content - Number five: Your process is broken

Imagine you worked in a factory making birdhouses. In the office is a designer. They pass the designs to the person who handles gathering the necessary materials. These materials get given to the next person who builds the birdhouse. Then to the quality assessor who passes it to the distributor, and finally to the public. Sounds like a good system right? Now imagine that at every step in this process, people make little mistakes that turn into significant problems. The same could be happening with your marketing and one of the factors killing your content.

Depending on where the faults are, the results can be different, and have varying levels of impact on the final product. A bad design will result in every stage afterwards being less than adequate. A poor build will result in a rubbish product. A lousy quality assessment will allow low-quality products to go to the public, and so on. If this is the case, there might be something wrong with your process. Writing content is no different.

What is your content marketing process?

It doesn’t need to be as rigid as a birdhouse factory, but your content writing process should have a structure to it for it to be as efficient as possible. If you work alone, there will be more room for leniency in your process as you can find what works best for you. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim to have some structure. Structuring your writing process helps you make sure you complete all the necessary steps, that you're publishing good content, and that you're posting on time.

If your content writing process involves teamwork, on the other hand, having an effective structure is vital in getting the results that great content marketing can bring. When you involve several people in writing the content, you not only have to think about what you need to do to complete your best work, but also what everyone else needs. It’s likely that every member of the team will have different ways of working, and different strengths and weaknesses. In this case, you need to make sure you make the necessary adjustments to your writing process to make it more efficient while nurturing your staff to be better.

How to make your process more efficient

The first thing you need to do is ensure everyone knows what their role is. For example, you may have a content marketing planner, a content writer, an editor, and a publisher. Each of these people needs to be clear on what their role is and avoid overreaching into other territories. That can cause confusion. Then, they can focus on getting better at their job. You also need to make sure each of these members can communicate effectively with each other. Having excellent communication is the only way to resolve any issues before they make their way to the end of the line.

Communication isn’t only about having the best apps, technology, and group chats. Your workers will work much better together if they get to know and like each other. Team building exercises will work wonders for this. Finally, you need to make sure your team is working to deadlines, that you have a pleasant work environment, and that you engage staff in the business. If this is the case, they will work hard. Your process will become more efficient, and you will start to see the fantastic results that content marketing is known for.

Producing compelling content marketing yourself can be a steep learning curve. But all you need is the time, knowledge, and drive to nail the process. If you want to take advantage of an established, efficient, and affordable content marketing team to help you with yours, get in touch with Coster Content today on 07462 455 894.

Alia Coster