Three big reasons to be optimistic about our environment in 2019

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Three big reasons to be optimistic about our environment in 2019

We’re constantly flooded with bad news. From newspapers to social media, everything seems to be doom and gloom. When it comes to the environment, things aren’t any different. In fact, they’re probably even worse.

In the fight for sustaining the global systems that allow life to flourish, it’s all too easy to get bogged down by pessimism and feelings of hopelessness. Optimism is a driving force and emphasis has to be put on the progress we’ve made in the last decade to further drive positive change. Let’s take the time to reflect on the changes we are making towards a greener world.

Renewable energy use is climbing fast along with its technology

Every city or country that is committed to a complete transition to renewable energy is adding to the global momentum towards a zero carbon future. There are no doubts that this momentum is speeding up. Over 100 cities and countries are now committed to being powered on 100% clean energy.

The good news doesn’t stop there. Portugal ran on renewable energy for every day in March. Germany produced enough renewable energy in the first six months of 2018 to power every household for a year. Battery technology is coming along in leaps and bounds alongside solar panel efficiency - both of which pave a new path for the future of energy.

The divestment movement grows from strength to strength

Grassroots student-led divestment movements have swept over universities all over the world. Their aims are simple: to highlight awareness surrounding the dangers of climate change and put a stop to investment in fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources.

In the UK, it has been tremendously successful. At least 76 universities have committed to divestment. This equals to around £12 billion in investment that will not fuel some of the world’s most profitable oil companies in the world - such as ExxonMobil, Shell, and BP.

Divestment has spread far beyond universities and continues to gather momentum. Religious institutions, pension funds, and private companies are beginning to realise non-renewable energy sources will inevitably make way for cleaner and greener sources of energy.

The next generation is taking to the street

Climate and environmental rights marches have been happening around the world for decades. But the 24 hours of climate action on March 15th 2019 felt different. There were over 2,000 protests in 125 countries, with more than 1 million students skipping school to participate.

The anger, fear, and disappointment of a younger generation has turned into inspiring action full of hope that demands a greener world. The magnitude of these calls continues to pile on the pressure for major changes in environmental policy across the world.

Every country, community and individual has the choice to use positive progress as a driving force for an even better world. Optimism isn’t always easy when it feels like we’re surrounded by bad news. But regularly reminding ourselves how far we’ve come can help inspire action and change the tide towards a sustainable future.

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