Why you should outsource your content marketing


Why you should outsource your content marketing

According to statistics by Demand Metric, 90% of organisations use content in their marketing efforts to boost sales and promote their business. And why wouldn’t they? Writing about your own field - something you’re so familiar with - feels almost like free marketing. Except you’ve got a million other jobs to be getting on with. And the budget’s too tight to hire someone as a full-time writer. Oh, if only there was someone else to do it for you.

Of course there is. There are a few people out there capable of stringing some cogent sentences together to bring your marketing to life. But can you trust someone else with your business? Below we’ve outlined three key reasons why outsourcing your marketing is the best choice and, more importantly, the right choice.

It’s cost-effective

Outsourcing can and will save you money. When you hire content writing wiz kids to create content for your marketing plan, you’re able to save heaps of money. Rather than adding more onto your current employees’ workload, or hiring for a completely new role, you can plan and structure a much smaller budget around an outsourced partner.

When things get busy, hiring an outside firm to write your articles, blogs, and newsletters will spare the cost and hassle of hiring extra or seasonal employees. You’re also more likely to find someone who understands your business values and can reflect that in their output.

Quick turnaround

Outsourcing saves you and your workers time and extra work. The best writing agencies are pros at what they do and are able to deliver high-quality work in a short time frame, depending on the project’s needs and scope. It’ll also allow you to take on multiple projects at once - while the writing agency writes up your company’s blogs, you’ll be able to devote more time on your own clients and higher-priority projects.

You get the content that you need, if and when you need it, saving time and keeping a fiercely tight schedule on your content marketing calendar.

Trusting business partner

When you find the right content agency, you’ll create a trustworthy and dependable business relationship with someone who can anticipate your wants and needs. You want someone who can connect with their clients and build a relationship that is not just strictly ‘business’, but also a personal relationship. Being able to communicate openly and having a fun rapport means both parties will go the extra mile. These types of business relationships are invaluable and can also help broaden your professional networks.

Outsourcing helps you avoid the additional stress and time of training someone up from scratch, or organising several varieties of content in-house, which is an issue for small businesses who don’t have specialist departments.

Let’s face it, outsourcing your content marketing only makes things faster, easier, and cheaper for your overall end goal. Rather than hiring a writer for all your work, you can find one company that does all this for you! You’ll save you and your business time, money, and stress and expand on the flow of your current workload.

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Alia Coster