The power of networking


The power of networking

Networking is a powerful tool for businesses and professional relationships, impacting how you grow within your field and serving as a vital stepping stone in your career. But let’s get down to basics: how we network can come in different forms, and it’s not to be confused with sales or selling your business or product. 

Ultimately, networking is defined as ‘the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business’, and building relationships is a positive and fun way to get the wheels turning for your business, whether that’s in terms of growing or boosting it.


The opportunities that networking offers can range from joint partnerships, new clients, product sales, event experience, and increased visibility. The options are endless and can sometimes be overwhelming, so remember to keep your vision focused and align your opportunities with your business goals and vision. Rather than getting carried away by all the new and potential opportunity, set up a plan, a goal, and decide exactly what you want to achieve from these new partnerships.


Networking is a perfect way to gain advice and expertise from like-minded people with a fresh perspective. By regularly talking to and meeting new people, your confidence will increase, both socially and in a business sense. It's a great way to push yourself in a sometimes uncomfortable environment and get to the point where you’re able to walk into a room and create a bond with anyone. 

The advice can range from subjects within your field and technical problems to managerial queries or even personal advice. Either way, having someone to offer a second opinion can help you learn and have someone to lean on. 

Visibility and keeping current

To be able to succeed and grow within your field, you have to meet the needs of your current and potential clients. You can do this by keeping up to date with trends and current market conditions within the industry by networking, liaising with business, following LinkedIn profiles, and talking to your networks on a regular basis. These tips will help you stay current and up to date, as well as attending seminars, lunches, and events to raise your profile, visibility, and keep you at the forefront of everyone's mind.

Networking can be scary to jump right into, but the more you do, the more you get yourself and your name out there.


Many friendships can come from business networking because you have a lot in common and are helping each other out in many ways. Although this is a personal benefit, it will make the overall enjoyment of your work long-lasting and worthwhile on the days where it’s all getting a bit tough. Some of the strongest and longest-lasting friendships have grown from networking, and that’s because you’re boosting morale and supporting each other.

We tried hard to find counterpoints for networking but in all honesty, we couldn’t. The growth of your business network is dependent on talking to people and making connections. Networking your way through the business world with the right people might make all the difference.

On that note, why not network here with us at Coster Content! We love meeting with like-minded professionals across Manchester. You never know how one coffee could change your life. If you’d like to meet up and discuss your content needs, get in touch with Alia on 07462 455894.

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