4 ways to recycle content so it goes further - Number 3: Reworking old content for internal education

Recycle content internal education

4 ways to recycle content so it goes further - Number 3: Reworking old content for internal education

Coming up with engaging and informative content for your customers isn’t easy, but it’s worth the effort. With all the work that goes into creating the perfect piece of writing, why use it solely for your customers? You could recycle content and extend its value massively by using it to educate your staff.

The benefits of using old content

One of the main benefits of reusing old content is that you get more for your money. If you paid a professional to create it for you, recycling it for other purposes means instantly better value. But even if you went down the DIY route, time is money, and the time you invested won’t have gone to waste.

Secondly, you have the luxury of knowing the writing you’re using to educate your staff has performed well in the past. You don’t have to worry about your staff misunderstanding, or the material being ineffective, because it has already been tested. All you need to worry about is presenting it in an understandable, easy-to-absorb manner.

How can you recycle content for internal education?

This largely depends on the type of content you’ve previously produced. But, all kinds can be given new life. Here are a few things to try:

  • Convert webinars into training seminars.

  • Use statistics from old content in training documents.

  • Use old blog information or infographics to create PowerPoint slides and upload to Slideshare, or email to staff.

  • Gather old blog posts on the same topic and turn them into ebooks and guides for your employees.

  • Turn old content into infographics to highlight your points during discussions.

  • Use quotes from your blogs as inspiration and motivation around the office.

These are just a few ideas on how you can reuse your old content for internal use. There are many other ways to reuse old material, but this depends on what your business needs are and how creative you can be.

How to use your new training content

Even though you’re using tried and tested content, you still need to have clear guidelines for how you will reuse it. You need to decide on an evaluation process where you eliminate material that is no longer usable or relevant.

Just because you have all of this old work at your disposal doesn’t mean it will work in a new format. You may find that taking an inventory of your writing helps. You can group it by topic, audience, or type making it easier to know what is usable when you want to revamp some of the older material.

If you’re looking for ways to make your work more effective and longer-lasting, keep an eye out for the last installment in our ‘4 ways to recycle content so it goes further’ series. If you’re finding the burden of producing regular quality content a bit too much to bear, get in touch with us at Coster Content on 07462 455 894, and we will be happy to lighten the load.

Alia Coster