The importance of Instagram for fashion retailers

Fashion retailers

The importance of Instagram for fashion retailers

The world of fashion is one that’s both fast and dynamic. Consumers want to purchase their clothes with little effort and a lot of ease. But they also want to ensure that they’re investing in a quality product.

One way in which they can ensure this is through engaging with the product on Instagram. But if your product isn’t on there in any capacity, you’ll miss out on this lucrative opportunity. Social media marketing can be a huge boon for business, and Instagram is no exception.

Explaining Instagram

Many of us are familiar with Instagram. Although it generally targets a younger demographic, it’s hard to escape the photo and video-sharing platform. Instagram surrounds us Be it through the form of advertisements, marketing, and even as a method for communication. With 65% of the best-performing posts on Instagram featuring a product, it’s hardly surprising that big brands such as Zara are turning to Instagram as a marketing strategy.

Social networking websites have changed the way we engage with the fashion industry. Potential and current consumers can interact and engage with products. It comes in the form of videos, celebrity endorsements, and even via their own connections.

The likes of Instagram allow for interactive elements which are beneficial to both the consumer -  in the way that they can easily view the product - and to the retailer, who can promote their products in new and innovative ways.

Such websites act as a form of free promotion. Users of the social networking site can engage with the product posted and even the brand itself through a simple ‘like’, ‘tag’, or ‘share’. These interactive features allow consumers to get our friends’ opinions on products we like. This is also an added bonus to the retailer as it allows for further promotion and engagement. Win-win!

Consumer engagement

It’s not only consumers who are talking to each other through social media. Many big fashion brands, such as Missguided and Topshop, are constantly monitoring their social media pages. Measuring consumer engagement through likes and comments is a deep science.

Building a direct relationship with the consumer in this way is extremely important. Especially when considering how to persuade purchasing patterns. Only 13% of UK consumers know what they want to buy when they visit an e-commerce website. This leaves a lot of room for influence through social media.

Good customer service is always essential when attempting to sell. With the number of people using the internet to purchase items increasing rapidly, it’s important that you can differentiate yourself through creating brand loyalty.

Brand awareness

The online world is a community like no other. People discuss and share their opinions about whether people are interested in them or not.

However, a study conducted on the importance of social media and influencers in driving fashion revealed that 84% of young people are likely to make a purchase based on reviews and other ‘user-generated content produced by strangers who have already experienced the product or service’.

This statistic proves the importance of establishing yourself as a trustworthy brand online. Especially to generate positive brand awareness and gain loyal customers.

‘Instagram influencers’ are extremely relevant in creating such positive perceptions. A lot of brands work alongside celebrities and famous faces on the social networking site in order to appeal to various target audiences.

As of 2018, 75% of brands on Instagram were using influencers. They manipulate the website in one way or another to achieve higher levels of engagement with their target audience. The use of celebrity endorsements to sell products is becoming an increasingly used tactic. Such methods are proving to increase the levels of activity associated with brands. So why not?

Marketing via Instagram is just one way you can increase your revenue and consumer engagement. If you’d like to find out more about how we here at Coster Content can help you to create engaging content no matter your business or audience, you can contact us on 0161 413 8418.

Alia Coster