4 ways to recycle content so it goes further - Number 4: Using content on Quora and Pinterest

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4 ways to recycle content so it goes further - Number 4: Using content on Quora and Pinterest

With digital marketing, promoting your content on the Big Four social networks is second nature. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn are invaluable in marketing, not to mention the power of Instagram marketing. But, have you ever considered other, less conventional, but still effective social networks?

Take Quora, for example, or Pinterest. These sites allow you to repurpose your old content while lending a helpful hand to the website’s users. Taking advantage of these are just one more way to make your content go further.

What is Quora?

Quora is simply a question and answer site. Anyone can ask questions, and anyone can answer. Then the Quora community votes on which answers are the most helpful. Like a lot of social networks, it’s a simple concept that has become a valuable resource for interested people online. But, there is more to Quora than the simple question and answer set up. You can target questions to specific users, publish content, search for particular issues or topics, and spend credits to get your questions in front of more people.

What can Quora do for marketers?

According to the founder, Adam D’Angelo, there are over 200 million monthly unique visitors to Quora. That is a lot of curious users looking to learn something new. By using Quora in your marketing strategy, you gain exposure to these visitors, build expertise and authority on your chosen topic, learn from others, answer questions about your product, and find out the big questions people are asking when it comes to your industry. This is a great way to improve your services and feedback according to what people want. With this in mind, what are the best ways for brands to use Quora?

How can repurpose content on Quora

The content you have posted in the past can be recycled through Quora. You can set up a business profile for your brand and publish blogs and insightful content to quora for everyone to see. This is nothing new, but with Quora, you can also answer questions. This means your old content, full of interesting facts and information about your industry, can be used to answer these questions.

As you do this, you build a name for yourself as a knowledgeable company on certain topics, and you become more respected in the Quora community. Do this enough, and people start to seek out your company. They start clicking on the links you leave in threads, contributing to increased amounts of traffic to your website.


Quora isn’t the only underestimated content sharing platform though. Pinterest has 200 million active users. 32% of them have bought something from a company after browsing Pinterest content, and 52% say it helps them find things they want to buy. Importantly, Pinterest pins are 100 times more spreadable than tweets with a half-life 16,000 times longer than a Facebook post. There is some clear marketing potential here, but what exactly is it?

What is Pinterest?

A simple explanation of Pinterest is that it’s an online pinboard. But, it has a much greater organisation, and you can also use it as a bookmarking tool. People pin (or save) images that they find online or on Pinterest to their boards. These images are often clickable and lead to company websites or the original page where they were found. Users can interact with each other through liking, commenting, and re-saving each other’s things, as well as private messaging, just like other social networks.

How can you use old content for Pinterest for marketing?

We have talked about infographics, but have you heard of instructographics? They look similar to infographics but focus a lot more on how-to aspects, just like many informative blog posts you have probably written in the past. Use this old content to create fresh instructographics that are perfect for Pinterest. People love using Pinterest to learn new things, like recipes and DIY hacks, and your brand can be the one teaching them by turning old content into fresh, pin-able, images.

Though the Big Four social networks are essential for effective digital marketing and getting your content to the right people, lesser-known social networks like Quora and Pinterest can also be great places to reuse your old content. Not only will this help you build a better brand following, but it also allows the money and time invested in your content go further.

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Alia Coster