Why your internal creatives are getting writer’s block, and how you can increase productivity

Writer's block

Why your internal creatives are getting writer’s block, and how you can increase productivity

Chances are, that unless you outsource entirely, you have at least one creative in your team. Be that a content writer, designer, or illustrator- either way, you are probably no stranger to the complaints your staff members share as a creative.

To start with, let’s unpack the term ‘creative’. Some people long to be one,  others turn their nose up at the idea. A creative, however, is an essential member of any team. How else would a business produce engaging content, striking videos, or stunning images without them?

Is there any truth in these protests or is it just incompetence? Are you providing your team with the best environment you can to help them deliver the best results?  

Your workspace

From a writers perspective, sure, there are days where we all feel as though we can’t write another word, but why? What is it about the traditional corporate workplace that’s making us feel burnt out? What’s causing the dreaded writer's block and what can you as the leader do about it?

First thing’s first, identify how your team deliver their best work. Where you can, then try to implement their desired location preferences, where appropriate, within the workplace. Negotiate - find a middle ground so that your team can create effectively.

I don’t mind sharing that before renting my own office space, I, like most business owners started off in a co-working hub. It was often loud and lots of water cooler gossip. Which is fantastic down the pub; but when you’ve got 50,000 words to edit and a deadline coming at you faster than the roadrunner, it’s challenging to focus when everything is going on around you.

If you’re limited on space, and you have your whole team together, why not invest in simple, sound reducing partitions? Or, let them wear headphones. Some companies have a strict policy against individuals listening to music while they work. Why? If creativity breeds creativity, what is the harm? It’s a simple solution with a monumental output.

What is writer’s block anyway?

It’s how we feel when we think we can’t write anything and the ideas just aren’t coming to us. I say 'think' because the reality is, it’s just a mindset. There are exceptions to the rules, and there is a vast difference between “writer's block” and just being burnt out. If you start noticing elementary mistakes in what’s being produced, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your employees' workload. But that is a different story entirely.

So how can you help minimise these blocks for your staff and increase their productivity? First of all, it is essential to understand why they are struggling with creativity in the first place.


In this day and age, getting distracted and wanting to watch the latest Netflix series instead of working, isn’t uncommon but it isn’t writer’s block - it’s just laziness. In this case, the projects might be boring, or unchallenging. You could consider further training, or evaluating your strategy to make sure you’re on the right path. Your creative probably has some excellent ideas that you’re overlooking. If they are bored, it is going to reflect on what they produce.


We’ve all been there, we don’t like to fail or get something wrong. But for a writer, this can hold you back. How detailed are your client brief sheets? If you are giving too much creative control, why not try having something in place so your team know their limits to what they can and can’t say. This can minimise their margins for error and give them the boost of confidence they need to get over perfectionism and start writing again.

Lack of passion

No matter the subject, there is always a way to make the topic interesting, you just have to find it. The subject might not give you much flexibility but encourage them to think bigger. Look at industry news, think about your business ethos, what are your company values? Shout about them. Take a few hours with the whole team to brainstorm ideas. You never know who’s insight will surprise you.

Perhaps there isn’t a creative in the team, and you’re trying to write everything yourself. Why not get an extra pair of hands. If you’d like some guidance on where to start, some inspiration for ideas, or, you’d like the assistance of a team of wordsmiths to breathe fresh air into your business content, get in touch with us today on 07462 455 894.

Alia Coster