The importance of literature in a 21st century world

The importance of literature

The importance of literature in a 21st century world

You can probably guess, but here at Coster Content, we all love to write. So it makes sense then that we also love to read. Well, at least one of us does...

Literature is a timeless piece of entertainment. As the innovations of technological advancements have grown, the way we read has revolutionised and evolved. However, the essence of storytelling and the effect it has on our lives hasn’t wavered.

Literature reflects human nature and a way we can learn and relate to others. By reading through a first-person perspective, we can fully immerse ourselves into a different mindset and figure out how others think and feel. This is important within today’s society as we’re becoming increasingly detached from human interaction through iPhones, FaceTime, and social media. Literature is something that will never change in the way it makes you feel, regardless of whether that’s on paper or as an eBook.

Sparks empathy and understanding

Reading a book is one of the best ways to fully immerse your mind into another person’s dialogue and experiences. Being able to empathise and understand other people’s feelings is a key aspect of helping you connect to different regions, races, societies, and periods of time. They help a person take a closer look at the different facets of living aside from what they know and live which can change perspectives.

Learn about past lives

History plays a fundamental role in shaping literature, every novel, play, or poem you read has been influenced by political context, or a time period, or a relationship from the time it was written.

Not forgetting the pure history of literature itself with the first novel being penned in 2000 BC - The Epic of Gilgamesh. Being able to read first-hand something from so long ago is a major aspect of learning the lives of historical figures and times.

Escapism and possibilities

Reading can take us into different realms and see other people’s creative thought processes. Whether it’s flying into Neverland, wandering through Middle Earth, battling at Hogwarts, or rafting through the Mississippi River with Huck and Jim - books can take you anywhere and any place. This is an amazing tool that few entertainment mediums can truly give you and one of the reasons why literature is so beautiful. Whether you’re having a bad day, stressed out with work, dealing with new life decisions - books can help you escape into another world and live somewhere else for a short amount of time.

Novels provide knowledge, entertainment, encourage creativity and offer an escape for readers - enriching our lives in more ways than one. It’s definitely much more than words in a book, and even with the increasing popularity of eBooks, Kindles, Wattpad, and online reading they create a conversation, a unique world, and new perspectives.

Our passion for the written word goes beyond literature. If you want someone who can bring that same excitement to your written content, then get in touch with us at Coster Content.

Alia Coster