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Let’s be honest: everyone likes something for nothing. It’s no surprise then that free eBooks have become all the rage. Well, as long as they hold some sort of intrinsic value. It’s important for the content to match the reader’s interest. If you love snowboarding, you might jump on a book about the best winter resorts. That same person probably won’t want to read about the best golfing greens in Europe. It’s important to get it right – and we know how.

From our portfolio

From our portfolio

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You know the main reason why free eBooks are so popular?. With GDPR regulations in place, marketers need a new way to connect with potential customers. They need a way to find out exactly who is interested. What better way than to offer a simple eBook that they can download or have emailed to them? If you don’t want to go straight to an eBook, you could also consider regular newsletters. Whatever it is, it needs to be content that is written from the heart, using your expertise, because you generally want to help clients with their endeavour. Writing an eBook doesn’t mean you need to compile War and Peace. Neither does it mean giving away all your trade secrets. An eBook in this form is simply a short guide, helping your clients solve their problems. We can make this up out of a series of blogs that we have written, or we can create an entirely fresh guide. You can be as abstract as you like so long as there’s relevance to your industry and the information genuinely holds some value. There’s no end to what we can write. An office furniture company might talk about the health benefits of exercising and proper posture in the office, you can then talk about the positive results when using ergonomic stable chairs and sit-stand desks. An estate agency could write a local guide for their main property areas, including details on schools, businesses, and local hot spots. A tyre company could write a guidebook for hotels and restaurants up and down the country that readers could drive to and visit. Wait… Here’s one we made earlier!

I recently commissioned Coster Content. I needed their content writing services to create some social media posts for a client. We were both very impressed. Creative and engaging copywriting at its best. Alia is fantastic to work with as well. Highly recommended.

Paul Grogan

Alia writes content for our clients on our behalf and provides an excellent service. She is really creative in her writing which makes it interesting and engaging which is what you need in today’s highly competitive market places.

Peter Dickinson

Been great working with Alia so far. She breaks everything down so well and makes things clear and easy to follow. Has great ideas for moving things forward and is always there to help.

Luke Murphy

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