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Do you send newsletters, mailshots, proposals, and other literature to your clients that you don’t want to outsource, but might still benefit from some light proofreading by the grammar police? Often we overlook our own mistakes and only notice them after we hit send or print.

From our portfolio

From our portfolio

The effect of mistakes on your business

As well as being incredibly frustrating, mistakes can have a massive detrimental impact on your business. Digitally, Google can push you down the rankings. Clients can be turned off if they find your text clunky and hard to read. What’s worse, you could find yourself with an unnoticed oversight, making you the laughing stock of social media. Donald Trump’s philosophy of “all PR is still PR” is one we’d suggest taking lightly. Proofreading will leave you free from embarrassing and costly blunders. We can take your already-written content and clean it up until it’s perfect. You won’t be the laughing stock – you’ll be the one everyone envies.

I recently commissioned Coster Content. I needed their content writing services to create some social media posts for a client. We were both very impressed. Creative and engaging copywriting at its best. Alia is fantastic to work with as well. Highly recommended.

Paul Grogan

Alia writes content for our clients on our behalf and provides an excellent service. She is really creative in her writing which makes it interesting and engaging which is what you need in today’s highly competitive market places.

Peter Dickinson

Been great working with Alia so far. She breaks everything down so well and makes things clear and easy to follow. Has great ideas for moving things forward and is always there to help.

Luke Murphy

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