Meet the Coster Content team


When you partner with us, we become a part of your business. We take the time to understand your views, opinions, and expertise so we can flawlessly deliver your content in your tone of voice.

As a team, we are an unapologetically authentic, genuine bunch of wordsmiths. We thought we’d tell you about us, so you know who you’re working with.

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Alia Coster

I’m Alia, and I’m the founder of Coster Content. As a southerner, I contribute to the ever-growing minority of M25-ers invading Manchester. Besides my love of the English language, I’d describe myself as someone fuelled by sport, food, travel, and the great outdoors.

Whether it’s simultaneously trying to read six books at once, pondering to Blinkist in the bath, or binging on podcasts, I have a slight knowledge obsession. As a student of life, I decided to put my inquisitive mind to good use. Starting Coster Content has been unreal. I do what I do because I’m hugely passionate about making a positive change. Be that in individual people or helping businesses grow.

I find success exhilarating. To me, it’s a pleasure to go out of my way to help my clients reach their goals and succeed through the written word.

Favourite topics

Technology • Food • Travel • Business • Ethical companies • Employee engagement • Personal development • Homelessness • The welfare of people • Recruitment • Goal setting • Leadership • Wellness.

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Sam Simpson

I’m Sam, and I’m the resident geek. I’ve been through university, come out the other end with a degree in psychology, worked as a magazine writer, and now get to spend my time as Coster Content’s content editor.

As the editor, it’s my responsibility to sit back and judge everyone else’s writing like some sort of egotist. Nothing gets past my watchful eye — bad grammar, bad spelling, bad writing. I’m like a grammar terminator.

Outside of work I enjoy the nerdy things in life: video games, board games, movies. Sometimes I’ll even go outside! If you ask me what I’ve been doing on the weekend, my answer will probably be one of the above. That or I had a cheeky few down the pub.

I’ll always be around to talk about the merit of Oxford commas or how cool semi-colons are if you need a hand.

Favourite topics

Technology • Entertainment • Health science • Food • Wellness • Self-improvement..

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Nike Olowo-Fela

I’m Nike. I was born and raised in Wales by a small Welsh woman who makes her own soap and a bald Nigerian man, both nurses. From my mother, I got a love for horses and have been riding since I was three. From my father, I got good food and some really curly hair.

No one knows where my love for geography came from. The natural world and the people in it captivate me. That’s why I recently completed an MSc in International Development and a BA in Geography at the University of Manchester.

My role as a content writer allows me to create original pieces of writing to help businesses promote themselves, and readers to better themselves. If I’m not doing that, I’m trying to recreate something that looked easy on Pinterest, writing, or with my friends lowering the tone with dark humour and planning trips abroad.

I haven’t mentioned my love of Fleetwood Mac because there’s not enough space to talk about each member in the depth they deserve. I’m saving that for a very lengthy Facebook post that nobody asked for.

Favourite topics

Sustainability • Environmental • Developmental and humanitarian charities • Equestrian companies • Businesses that make a difference.

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Ollie Russell

I’m Ollie. I grew up in Bristol and spent my student years in Manchester - two fantastic cities that helped guide and shape me. After graduating, I took my biology background to the Madagascan rainforest and studied most people’s worst nightmare - reptiles and insects. Reflecting on it now, I should’ve probably picked lemurs.

My brother also persuaded me to hike the Canadian Rockies for a month and cycle around Iceland. No bed will ever be uncomfortable, and British weather no longer bothers me.

In a chaotic world, it’s easy to forget the bigger picture. For me, that’s what content is all about - zooming out and building a strategy to get your vision and business out into the world. Coster Content gives me the opportunity to streamline and fine-tune your work and image for the world to see. The process is incredibly satisfying.

Outside of work, anything technical gets my attention. My friends laugh at my ability to become obsessed with a new hobby in such a short time. I’m currently teaching myself jazz piano (wish me luck) and am slowly progressing down the long road of gymnastics and bodyweight mastery.

Favourite topics

Charities • Mental health • Renewable and biodegradable •  Blockchain • Cryptocurrency • Thought leadership • Technology • Science • Recruitment • Client-centric businesses.

Ideas and insights

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